The beauty of the night

People usually talk about the beauty of the day


of how alabaster white clouds hang in the sky,

planted in an expanse of light blue that stretches on for miles

with velvety clouds so smooth they look like silk threads that our fingers could reach out and intertwine with


of how rays and streaks of sunlight filter through the tiny holes between twigs of gigantic trees

how their light casts a shadow on the ground – mysterious, intense and serene

of how fruits get gilded under the enchantment of the golden globe of fire

and how birds sing of praise and love in their snuggly nests high up above the ground


Yet the night remains dark, solemn and menacing

unable to be appreciated by many who dare not wander in the unilluminated

But tonight, I saw it.

I saw the beauty of the night.

Look pass the pitch-black outside the window

and you’ll see what I saw


The lights in the rooms of people, they gave out some kind of lustre

the kind of glow that makes you want to reach your hands out to touch and smoothen

the orange light of the lamps among the palm trees

tender yet precise at the same time, just like fireflies glowing in the night

the whole night reminding me of golden night lanterns

warm radiance and the feeling of exotic paradise

of how the tiny little golden lights erupt in the jet-black of the night

like everlasting fireworks

like everlasting night lanterns.

This, is the beauty of the night.