I dance around vivid imagery and try to create sparks

Month: September, 2014

“You’re a fool, and fools are foolish. And you’re a fool to ever think that you can make it one day.”

but in every fool, there’s a part of them that you don’t have

And that part is belief.

And I will be the fool who makes it one day because I am foolish enough to even believe that I can.

(b, s).


Fixing people

I hate fixing things.

But, I like fixing people.

I am not implying that people are beings of mechanic components or robots for me to literally repair and reboot. People AREN’T like machines – once fixed, they can work again but probably weaker than before. You have to see that people are much more different than the electrically beating drones of machines, that people are very much the opposite. They emerge stronger after each battle(that is if they choose to). And once fixed, they can restart and guide their lives in multitudes never once challenged and never once headed towards. And they can lead it in a way so so so much better than before.

The beautiful part about learning how to fix people is protecting them with your trust. Use your trust to wrap a warm blanket of solace around them and use it to envelope and nurse their hurting wounds, protecting it from further damage. Don’t be disheartened however, if they readily push your initiative away. After all, damaged people tend to shun from foreign presence, no? Just let them know that despite the odds and the unfavourable conditions of the plains of life thrown at them, someone is here for them. Words don’t even need to be said so often,

just your mere presence and constant assurance is enough to fix a bleeding wound and make the blood clot

And as with all things, time will heal the rest

And you, the “fixer”, will see for yourself how beautiful it is to fix someone.

(b, s)

Fiction: Extinguishing the monsters inside of you

A blackened teardrop,

a glacial grey heart

the monsters inside

will swallow you up.

They will sink their teeth into the sweet flesh of your remaining hope

and claw at the remnants of your broken innocence and love.

You will no longer hear the trumpets and horns of a world lined above the dimension of clouds,

but the whispers of a being down below, one with with broken wings, one who Is hoping you would suffer the same fate as he once did.

And the worst part is, will you listen to him? Will you listen to him as he sugar-coats his words that are dipped in malicious intent and immoral coating?

Will you succumb to the temptation of – in his words- “doing justice” to people who have harmed you?

Will you harm them in the same way they hurt you?

Will you do things that defy the purity of kindness and humanity?

Will you give in to a blinking pleasure he is promising you? A temptation so luring and so powerful that even if it’s contract is temporary, you will rush forward to sign it with no regrets(not yet anyway)?

He lives somewhere inside you so that you can commit sin, so that the monsters inside of can get a hold over you, controlling your madness, infuriation and depression. And he will strike in your melancholy and leave you in a state that will leave God’s eyes in tears.

Often too, the monsters can control you so dominantly that you lose yourself subconsciously, so much such that they become an integrated part of you, so much such that you have also become a monster.

(Check yourself now. How much are the monsters controlling you?)

What you fail to realize is that

YOU, have power over your inner monsters.

Whether they will stay or leave, you get to choose. Good luck.