I dance around vivid imagery and try to create sparks

Month: April, 2015

Warm, infinitesimal dimension

Stillness in the air all around – not quite the description for a time like this.
It’s autumn, and the leaves are changing.
Turning into crisp, golden colors, and falling onto my book like little flower petals.
They rustle; glisten; calm. I close the book that’s resting on my laps, and stand up.
The air feels a little chilly, but I feel fine in these warm cotton snugs.
Besides, my scarf is giving me all the protection I need.
My boots hit the bituminous road, making clacking sounds as I tread along.
There is no one here, but I know I am safe, even in this dimension undefined by time and laws.
No one understands me, and that’s why I often escape here, where my whereabouts are but whispers engulfed by the wind. Here, where I drift, no one has to understand me. No one can throw stones at me, nor surround me with their embrace.
And this is just yet another infinitesimal dimension in which I find solace in,
because I know there are so many more portals I will travel through,
and even larger sights to see.
And if you want, I can bring you along.
To the next dimension, may we meet.


what is

The world is playing a game of cards,
and like every other game, it lies in wait for the declaration of the winners … and the losers.
Unlike conventional card games, the rules are not always written in black and white.
At times, no clear delineation is given, to tell you how to emerge triumphant.
It’s a dangerous play – and alas, we have all fallen prey to it.
We are all chained to thin, crusty papers and
we have all forgotten what is left without them.
What is life, if we throw away the labels on our skin? Or the objects that have guided us at whim?
What is life, when I say I am leaving? When I close my walls or open my doors?
What is life, if I change everything?
Follow me, we can run away, just You and I.
We don’t have to engage in child’s play, games made for the mediocre mind.
We can sail on boats to find our dreams
Won’t you follow me now to come and see?