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Month: February, 2016

Obscure universes.

“I want to travel the world. Find out more about the universe, flip through its pages and leave my mark.”

But… I have no money for that. No time either. And of course, nobody to go with.

Life sucks.”

… or does it really?

Hot masses. Not burning hot, yet not lukewarm – made possible by the complex system of hormones and blood, directed by a beating mechanism… and a universe.

Drugs, meat, sugar and fats – they float in its ocean like a pollutant, slowly choking it up usually over a period of less than 100 years.

People are attracted to the physical resplendence of the universe and its lands, its mountains, its waters but

when will people start to search for the universes that lie in front of their vision?

The ones that may pass by in a second or stay for an hour – we seem to disregard them.

These temporary universes… they scream for understanding. They scream for someone to discover their land, their galaxy, to pour light for their stars to shine.

Yet here we are, like fools, declaring our love to travel the physical universe

not knowing that the universe we should start exploring first is just standing right before us.



The equity and inequity of life.

We often always complain and lament about the fact that life is a ball of unfairness – I’m not good looking enough, not smart enough.. heck, why is he taller than me? Why is she richer than me? Why does she always get what she wants? Why do they all have such amazing parents and I don’t? Why? JUST WHY? And as we ask ourselves such comparative questions, we get caught up in the whole evil cycle of questions that seem to assert and highlight just how unfair life is.

Unfairness is a state of mind. No, actually, many things are all in the mind. Be it happiness, anger, irritation – you name it. You control what you feel about your life. And I have reached this simple conclusion:

Life is fair in its own unfair way.

Even if someone seems to have something that you don’t have, or they seem to have it better than you, there will be something in the lives that they lack. Or, they might actually face something bad in the future that is going to be devastating or they might just get the occasional blues that we all get from life. The thing is, we are not God and we cannot predict how their entire lives will turn out. Thus, the best way to live and go forward is to accept the fact that there will always, and i really mean ALWAYS, be people out there who are more put together than you and who are better than you in many ways. And that while you may not have something they possess, you surely will have something that they don’t – whether it’s now or in the future.

Unfairness is a state of mind.

So the next time you find yourself complaining about how unfair life is, think again.

After all, we can’t be blessed with everything.