No Lea/Ale/Ael

by lusteringkisses

LEAVE. No, stay. Wait a minute, you know what? Just leave. Stay. No, Leave. Stay. Leave.

Please stay.

Have you ever felt so surrounded yet so alone? I can’t even begin to fathom why I feel so so alone. So lonely. I have so many friends but why do I feel like almost no one is there for me when I need them?

What is wrong with me? You’ve always felt right about your friends. Of course you should. You were careful. Handpicked them. Felt they were right to hold. Felt they were right to be yourself around.

You laugh. Go ahead, no one’s telling you not to laugh. But why is it that sometimes when you laugh too hard, your eyes start to lose their shine? Were those not real? If so, what is real?

You have so much to talk about. It’s like you’re always trying to divulge the secrets of the Earth because girl, don’t you blabber so much. But why is it that at the end of the day, after the incessant talking on your part, you sink into your silhouette feeling small, as if you hadn’t spoken a word that day?

Maybe they speak to you too much. 


The ones in your head. You know, the ones who live in everybody’s head. 

Yes, yes they do.

And if you ever know how to shut those idiots up, please let me know.

But for now, the angels are fighting a war.

And the war is all in my head.